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Connecticut Asthma & Allergy Center Now Offers Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)
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Spring Allergy Sufferers: Be Wary of Treatment Myths
Knowing fact from fiction can make the difference between misery and relief for millions of spring allergy sufferers.

Top 5 Spring Allergy Mistakes to Avoid This Season
Do you sneeze and wheeze all spring long? If so, you may be making common mistakes that prevent you from keeping your allergy symptoms under control.

Allergy Vaccinations Reduce Children’s Health Care Costs by One-Third
Allergy immunotherapy, generally referred to as allergy vaccinations or shots, reduce total health care costs in children with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) by one-third, and prescription costs by 16 percent, according to a study published this month in Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the scientific journal of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).

Why Choose CAAC

"…they have evening and weekend hours"

"…the offices are conveniently located"

"…he spent alot of time with my teenage daughter – listiening to her about her peanut allergy and how it impacts her life"

"…the staff is very professional on the phone and in person"

"…she listens to my concerns and addresses them"

"…the staff and physicians are SO good with children"

"…the nursing staff has a lot of patience with children when they are anxious"

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